Children of The Damned

Sad little girl with teddy bear

In a world without an end or beginning,

My sweet little rose tried so hard just to blend in.

She’s been walking through life looking for a connection.

She pretends to be tough but she’s really codependent.

All she ever really wanted was some sort of affection.

Forced to take life in so many directions.

She became cold and so unforgiving.

She needs me to fix her but it’s always too much.

I gave her everything I had but it was never enough.

My baby girl always calls me because she scared to be loved.

She wants me to soothe her with my rhetoric,

But I can’t bear to tell her that my love will only ever be synthetic.

It will fade like the sand in an hour glass.

And when it does it will only bring out our immense contrast.

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