The End of The Affair

Forged together by poverty and struggle.
Broken apart by wealth and power
By the grace of the fire and the flames
The heartache and the pain
Stuck in a trap between love and abuse
Down in the dumps with some terrible blues
Time will eventually knock on my door
To tell me that nothing stays brand new
Confusion struck when suddenly came war
I thought that we were alone together
But really I was just alone forever
Freshly immersed in this new September
Time will take us into different weather
These drifting nights I can no longer take
My hearts become way too opaque,
A battered vessel but within beats a dream.
While the blood pumps in my veins
I will push forward
Until I am, as right as rain.

The One I Lost, The One I Found

Dear Katherine
The woman that made me a man.
You gave me purpose, passion, and drive
The second you took my hand.
Lurking outside your window,
Pining away.
Chasing you in the garden,
Every single day.
Looking for a partner in crime.
I would change my plans on a dime.
I loved you and you loved me,
But my brother stole you away from me.
A Bulgarian seductress.
With brown hair that is lustrous.
Fireworks and rockets red glare.
My first love forever,
 A majestic affair.
Was brought up to be a gentleman
So sweet and polite
A girl just broke my heart
Isn’t that a sorry sight
No need for tears though
There’s nothing to fear bro
There will be another one
There will be another one
Dear Elena
I was roaming through the streets
Then I fell in love with a stranger
Found passion, adventure, and even a little danger
Dancing together,
A lion and a gazelle,
That’s what I’ll remember.
Physical perfection
With olive complexion
Powerful, mystical, and naturally recurring,
A beautiful Doppelgänger, desire is what you’re stirring
You give me goosebumps
You give me chills
When I’m with you, time stands still
I wrote in my journal
The promise I gave you,
That love  could be eternal
Two lovers that found each other
Spirits kindred
I’d be honored to be your partner, husband, and father of your Children


Power, something so many people crave
But at what expense?
Although it gives the freedom to choose,
With a propensity for abuse and corruption
Is it really worth it?
It can be hoarded by the mighty
Or stolen from the innocent
Turning pacifists into militants
And freedom fighters into tyrants
Causing good intentions to turn to crisis
Leaving many unfortunate souls lifeless
Because the ones who have it indulge in their vices
I’ll ask again
How worth it is it?

Children of The Damned

Sad little girl with teddy bear

In a world without an end or beginning,
My sweet little rose tried so hard just to blend in.
She’s been walking through life looking for a connection.
She pretends to be tough but she’s really codependent.
All she ever really wanted was some sort of affection.
Forced to take life in so many directions.
She became cold and so unforgiving.
She needs me to fix her but it’s always too much.
I gave her everything I had but it was never enough.
My baby girl always calls me because she scared to be loved.
She wants me to soothe her with my rhetoric,
But I can’t bear to tell her that my love will only ever be synthetic.
It will fade like the sand in an hour glass.
And when it does it will only bring out our immense contrast.

The Things We Lost in The Fire


Girl I’m so conflicted
it’s been so long since we’ve kicked it.
But babe your really expensive,
I’m not sure if I’m still with it
You got on a plane and went back to your hometown,
And ever since then I’ve been trying to track you down.
Wood floors in your SoHo Apartment.
Good girl gone bad, I wonder how it started
Every week in July you would pick up the call.
Then I would race my way by past Webster Hall.
I would have been the Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes,
But what you really wanted was to be alone.
Going down the path of Veronica Lake.
But one good conversation is all it would take.
On second thought your more like Sophia Loren,
Una bella ragazza che è motto bello.
And no baby girl I didn’t mean to offend,
I just didn’t think that this is how it would end.
Last time we met you stared into my eyes so hopelessly
And ever since then I’ve just been walking around woefully.

Brave New World


The righteous God came to take me down
Empty Cathedral roars with a silent sound
But the Devil sprung out to drag me around
He clenched my skin and took me straight to the ground
I’ve been ripped of my graceless heart
The demons circle round to tear it apart
Consumed by the darkness I’ve become undone
But the Angels fought hard to help me restart
They held so tight I had no place to run
The only one that can save me now
Is desperately trying to hide in the crowd
As God reached out and yelled my name
I rose like a Phoenix soaring through the flames
But with sinners and saints roaming all through town
Uneasy remains the head that wears the crown
God came up and said it’s your turn now
And as I pierced into her golden eyes
I was struck by a light that made me question life
In her arms I felt so soft and sweet
One million miles away from the terrors of the night
No more dragging around my faded fickle feet
I will no longer be ruled by what’s in the deep

Fool Me Once


Dear Katherine, the unicorn queen,
You did it well, yes you played your part.
I know it’s quite rude but it’s not my fault I stole your heart.
You brought your love baby and I brought my pain.
Next time you come over to stay,
I’ll own your body like my names is Christian Gray.
All the wrongs you committed, You would dance to my songs on the minute.
Girl I warned you about my type but you didn’t listen to the hype.
You fell into a plight and sunshine I know it isn’t right.
You patiently waited for me on the corner of Vandam
Because you wanted me to apologize for the time I broke your hand.
I didn’t want to hurt you, but I know I caused some shame
To call what we had love would be a crime against the masses.
But babe I know your heart will heal as long as time passes

Stand By Me


Been having a hard time dealing with pain.
Just hear me out girl, only one exchange
Talk to me please I’m sending postcards from the edge.
I was just calling because I’m feeling smitten,
I need you right now, are you down to listen
I would take a whisper if that’s all that was given.
I know I’ve been acting strange.
Just hear me out and I’ll explain.
You’re my own special kind of drug.
But I know being locked in my mind isn’t enough.
Been holding on to you because I can never let you go.
I’m consumed with sorrow because I can tell,
Your heart is somewhere else.
On those cold lonely winter nights,
You’re trapped in my heart.
You’ve got the best of me, my sweet counterpart.
You’re the perfect pearl.
You make me feel like I own the world.

The Dash


Your tombstone declares,
The day you were born and the day you die,
With a dash in between.
So embrace who you are
And don’t try to hide
Because before you know it,
Life is over in a flash
You only live once
So live the dash.

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