I’m lost in the night

I’ve been stuck there forever

Seeing all of these faces

And with none that I can remember

I’ll keep my issues to myself

And try to survive without any help

Because this feeling of sorrow is one I can’t escape

I’ll put my head high and surrender to my fate

The Path


When I reached the bridge I was stranded to the side

I looked across the river beyond the reach of Death

It was there that I saw my shinning knight

The sight of her face replenished my health

So I took a deep breath

Then followed the seven lights

The Sage of Ten Forces

The Sage of Ten Forces

The Sage of Ten Forces took my mother away

He said it is the law that all things are impermanent

Despite the fact that I begged him to let her stay

He looked me in the eyes

Then swiftly took her away




 When I tried to conquer the world

In my rose colored glasses

The universe laughed

Then took me for a swirl

I kept my head high and braced myself standing

As I glared at the angry people gathered in masses

Thus, I will never forget the power of planning