During my time in the resistance I realized the truth.

When you’re thrown into the space of uncertainty,

You must push yourself to the next degree

Then I assure, you will emerge with the wisdom of a sleuth.





When you look at this situation, you say that it’s my fault.

So from now on, I’ll take your words with a grain of salt.

Everyone has bad days and everyone makes mistakes.

So I’ll just do my best and try to grow,

Because I’m the furthest thing from perfect,

Like everyone I know.



Sing to me oh muse

So that I can delight in the truth

Remind me that with knowledge,

I can never lose.

Unlike the betrayer that doesn’t make a sound

Allow me to shine like the Sun,

That comes from behind the clouds.

Dare to Dream



I fell in love with her the way you enter a sweet dream

I didn’t know how it started or how it was going to end

All I knew was that I was happy and I never wanted to wake up




I’m lost in the night

I’ve been stuck there forever

Seeing all of these faces

And with none that I can remember

I’ll keep my issues to myself

And try to survive without any help

Because this feeling of sorrow is one I can’t escape

I’ll put my head high and surrender to my fate