Live For The Day


The days pass by on this journey we call life.

Which all in all is just one grand unrepeatable experiment.

I have just created my masterpiece

And I know it will be criticized incessantly.

Since it is a fact that we will all eventually die,

Regardless of what people say,

I will proudly affirm “but on that day I lived”.

Just Ask


The art of asking

Is an invaluable skill.

The ability to shed every social mask,

Show vulnerability, and ask,

Is the epitome of strength.

The reality of life

Is that regardless of who they seem to be,

Nobody really knows what they are doing.

A world where everyone lends a helping hand

Is one I’m sure we would all be grateful to live in.



Because it is the world’s strongest tower,

The human heart is the source of all our power.

I know right now you may be hurting

But in the end you will be okay.

Just hold on to your heart and remember not to cower

Teach yourself to be free

Don’t make the tower your enemy.

The Race Towards Infinity


I’m trying to accomplish a revolutionary feat.

But with the race towards infinity compressing me for time,

I feel like I’m constantly falling from my climb

Instead of feeling trapped, with nowhere to go

I’ll sit back, relax, grab a snack, and a six pack.

I now realize that busyness is not necessarily productive,

and that idleness is a vacation.

Because not all who wander are lost,

I will strive to enjoy my life at any cost.



I’m at a crossroads and I need to make a choice.

With a one way ticket to a two way street,

I’m forced to act now and never look back.

With my back against the wall

And no room for regrets

I’ll focus my efforts with the intensity of a jet.

But before I set out on my quest,

I’ll eat a baguette and welcome uncertainty, my favorite guest.

Beautiful Gem


I’d rather die with memories not dreams.

I want to create memories that I can look back on and remember.

So come with me and let’s explore the city life together.

Because the best way to make dreams come true is to wake up and live them,

Let’s make our lives the world’s most beautiful gem



Life is a series of circumstances,

So you should set yourself up for the best.

Without the option to travel into the past,

You should recognize and capitalize on all of your chances

A sure path to no regrets,

Is to always remember that you are blessed.



Although right now you may be upset,

You should  try your best not to fret.

Instead of being bothered by this obstacle,

You should change your perspective,

So you can create a situation that is optimal.