The One I Lost, The One I Found

Dear Katherine
The woman that made me a man.
You gave me purpose, passion, and drive
The second you took my hand.
Lurking outside your window,
Pining away.
Chasing you in the garden,
Every single day.
Looking for a partner in crime.
I would change my plans on a dime.
I loved you and you loved me,
But my brother stole you away from me.
A Bulgarian seductress.
With brown hair that is lustrous.
Fireworks and rockets red glare.
My first love forever,
 A majestic affair.
Was brought up to be a gentleman
So sweet and polite
A girl just broke my heart
Isn’t that a sorry sight
No need for tears though
There’s nothing to fear bro
There will be another one
There will be another one
Dear Elena
I was roaming through the streets
Then I fell in love with a stranger
Found passion, adventure, and even a little danger
Dancing together,
A lion and a gazelle,
That’s what I’ll remember.
Physical perfection
With olive complexion
Powerful, mystical, and naturally recurring,
A beautiful Doppelgänger, desire is what you’re stirring
You give me goosebumps
You give me chills
When I’m with you, time stands still
I wrote in my journal
The promise I gave you,
That love  could be eternal
Two lovers that found each other
Spirits kindred
I’d be honored to be your partner, husband, and father of your Children

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