Brave New World


The righteous God came to take me down

Empty Cathedral roars with a silent sound

But the Devil sprung out to drag me around

He clenched my skin and took me straight to the ground

I’ve been ripped of my graceless heart

The demons circle round to tear it apart

Consumed by the darkness I’ve become undone

But the Angels fought hard to help me restart

They held so tight I had no place to run

The only one that can save me now

Is desperately trying to hide in the crowd

As God reached out and yelled my name

I rose like a Phoenix soaring through the flames

But with sinners and saints roaming all through town

Uneasy remains the head that wears the crown

God came up and said it’s your turn now

And as I pierced into her golden eyes

I was struck by a light that made me question life

In her arms I felt so soft and sweet

One million miles away from the terrors of the night

No more dragging around my faded fickle feet

I will no longer be ruled by what’s in the deep

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